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I love Apple. I just wanted to join their family. So I created some apps and became a registered Apple Artist. How cool!

For the year 2013 I’ve challenged my self to develop an iOS app. A hard challenge cause I hadn’t any experience with the necessary coding languages and the Apple developer tools.

I started working on two ideas. The first idea was based on my own needs for WordPress maintenance. I was searching for an alert function for outdated WordPress versions, plugins and themes. A one-click alert and update tool, which wasn’t available at that moment. After a couple of months the app ‘WordPress Checker’ was allowed by Apple for sale on the App Store. A huge moment for me! But as I was working on my idea, WordPress development stood not still. They came up with the great feature of automatic updates, which took away a lot of the added-value of my app. After a year or so I removed the app from the App Store.

The other idea was a gift to a dear client which became friends over the years, NappyvalleyNET. I developed a community based app for them. Giving their visitors the ability to have it all in their pockets on the way. Reading posts, sharing them on social media, be active, be present and being part of that lovely community … always and everywhere. It is still present in the App Store, but it is maintained by someone else nowadays.